How to Secure Your Tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympics!

The City of Lights is gearing up for a spectacular summer, and the spotlight is on you! With the 2024 Olympics fast approaching, excitement is simmering, and securing those coveted tickets is on everyone’s mind. But fret not, aspiring Olympian spectator!

This guide will illuminate your path to witnessing history unfold live.

2024 Summer Olympics

Where to Get Your Summer Olympics Ticket:

Forget the black market and shady deals. The official Paris 2024 website ( is your sole gateway to legitimate tickets. Remember, buying from unauthorized sources risks scams and denied entry, turning your Olympic dream into a Parisian nightmare.

Ticketing Options for Every Fan:

1. Individual Tickets: Choose your sport, session, and desired number of tickets. This option offers flexibility but may not guarantee seats for the most popular events.

2. Make It a Package: Opt for a customized “My Pack” experience. Select multiple sessions across different sports or focus on one specific sport for an in-depth experience.

3. Hospitality Packages: Indulge in the VIP treatment with On Location. These curated packages combine premium tickets, exclusive venue access, catering, and travel arrangements for a truly unforgettable experience.

Current Ticketing Landscape:

Good news! As of February 2024, tickets are still available for most athletic events. However, popular sports like Judo and Equestrian events in Marseille have already galloped away. Don’t wait too long; the clock is ticking!

Second Chance Saloon:

Spring 2024 brings the launch of an official resale platform. This opens up another avenue to snag tickets from fans who can’t attend their chosen events.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there ticket lotteries?

Yes! A lottery took place between February 13th and March 15th, 2024, but there may be other opportunities closer to the Games. Keep an eye on the official website for updates.

What about Paralympics tickets?

Paralympics ticketing follows the same process as the Olympics. Sales will open later in 2024.

Can I buy tickets outside France?

Absolutely! The official website caters to international fans as well.


  • Stay vigilant: Avoid unauthorized sellers and stick to the official channels.
  • Plan ahead: Popular events sell out quickly, so don’t delay your purchase.
  • Explore options: Individual tickets, customized packs, or VIP packages – choose what suits your budget and Olympic dream.
  • Be flexible: The resale platform might offer last-minute opportunities.

With a little planning and this handy guide, you’re well on your way to witnessing the magic of the Olympics unfold before your eyes. So, dust off your beret, brush up on your French (or don’t!), and get ready to experience the grandeur of Paris 2024!

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