Olympic Artistic Swimming Schedule 2024: TV Channels, Live Stream & Key info

Artistic swimming is a blend of precise movements, elaborate choreography, and physical endurance, all performed in water to the accompaniment of music.

This discipline has evolved over the years, gaining popularity and recognition on the global stage, notably within the Olympic Games. If you’re a fan of this mesmerizing sport, get ready for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris!

Paris 2024: Artistic Swimming Schedule

At the heart of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, artistic swimming will showcase its beauty and rigor between August 5th and 10th at the Paris Aquatics Centre.

This venue, a symbol of innovation and sustainability, is the sole permanent sports facility constructed specifically for the Paris 2024 Games​​.

10Monday 5 August19:30-21:00TeamTechnical routine
11Tuesday 6 August19:30-21:00TeamFree routine
12Wednesday 7 August19:30-21:15TeamAcrobatic routine
14Friday 9 August19:30-21:30DuetTechnical routine
15Saturday 10 August19:30-22:00DuetFree routine
Note: All times use Central European Summer Time (UTC+2).
Olympic Artistic Swimming 2024

Overview of Artistic Swimming Rules

Competitors in artistic swimming partake in either duet or team events, engaging in both a free routine and a technical routine. These performances are meticulously judged based on synchronization, execution, the complexity of the movements, and how well they integrate with the chosen music, all within a pool that measures 25m in length, 20m in width, and has a depth of 3m​​.

A Brief History of Olympics Artistic Swimming

Originating from early 20th-century water acrobatics, artistic swimming (formerly known as synchronized swimming) was introduced into the Olympic Games in 1984 in Los Angeles. The sport, traditionally dominated by female athletes, will mark a historic moment at Paris 2024 by welcoming male competitors in team events for the first time​.

How to watch Olympic Artistic Swimming live stream Online

If you’re in the US and looking to watch the Olympic artistic swimming action, NBC and Peacock have got you covered. They’re rolling out a ton of coverage for the 2024 Paris Games, so you can catch every dive, twist, and synchronized move live.

Peacock’s streaming all the events, which means you won’t miss a beat. For viewers elsewhere, local broadcasters like France Télévisions, CBC in Canada, and the Nine Network in Australia are your go-to’s for all the Olympic excitement.

Each country has its own spot for Olympic coverage, so check out what’s available in your area to stay on top of the action!

Olympic Artistic Swimming 2024 Events

The artistic swimming events at the Paris 2024 Olympics are divided into:

  1. Free and technical routines for duets
  2. Free and technical routines for teams, including a finale for duets and an acrobatic routine for teams​​.

Fun Facts about Artistic Swimming at the Olympics

  • A Historic First: The 2024 Paris Olympics will be the first time male athletes can compete in the artistic swimming team event, marking a new chapter for inclusivity in the sport.
  • Fewer Athletes, More Focus: Compared to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the total number of swimmers competing in Paris has been reduced from 104 to 96, allowing for a more focused and competitive field.

FAQs About Olympic Artistic Swimming

What is artistic swimming?

Artistic swimming is a hybrid sport combining swimming, dance, and gymnastics. Athletes perform choreographed routines in the water set to music, showcasing strength, flexibility, and artistry.

How long are the Artistic Swimming routines?

The length of the routines varies depending on the event. Technical routines are typically shorter, around 2 minutes and 30 seconds, while free routines can last up to 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Where will the artistic swimming events be held?

At the Paris Aquatics Centre, a newly built venue for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Can men participate in Olympic artistic swimming?

Yes, Paris 2024 will see male athletes competing in artistic swimming for the first time in the team events.

What does the competition consist of?

It comprises duet and team events, with athletes performing both a free and a technical routine judged on various criteria including synchronization, difficulty, and artistic impression.

How is artistic swimming scored?

Judges evaluate artistic swimming routines based on two key components:
Technical Merit: Execution of required elements, difficulty, and synchronization.
Artistic Impression: Choreography, music interpretation, and overall presentation.

Artistic swimming’s inclusion in the Olympics not only highlights the athletes’ technical skills and artistic creativity but also underscores the sport’s evolving inclusivity and appeal. As the 2024 Paris Olympics approach, the excitement for this visually captivating and technically demanding sport continues to grow.

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