Olympics 2024 Mascot: Everything You Need to Know

The Paris 2024 Olympics is set to captivate the world not just with its athletic prowess but also with its unique and symbolic mascots: the Olympic Phryge and the Paralympic Phryge.

These mascots, based on the historic Phrygian cap, embody freedom and inclusivity, symbolizing the revolutionary spirit of the French Republic and the transformative power of sport.

Olympics 2024 Mascot
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The Phryges: Emblems of Liberty

The Phryges are designed after the Phrygian cap, a notable symbol of freedom in French history, reflecting the republic’s values.

These caps, now personified as the Paris 2024 mascots, have been omnipresent through pivotal moments in French history, emphasizing liberty and the republic’s ethos.

Their design and color scheme – red, white, and blue – echo the French tricolor flag, with the addition of the golden Paris 2024 logo, enhancing their patriotic appeal​.

The Creation of the Mascots

Tony Estanguet, the president of the organizing committee, along with prominent athletes, unveiled the mascots, emphasizing the choice of an ideal over an animal to represent the games.

This decision highlights the Phrygian cap’s strong connection to French identity and its universal message of freedom and inclusion. Notably, the Paralympic Phryge, featuring a prosthetic limb, marks a significant step toward promoting inclusivity​.

A Duo with Distinct Personalities

The Olympic Phryge is described as a strategist, embodying wisdom and charm, whereas the Paralympic Phryge, with its prosthetic and racing blade, showcases spontaneity, energy, and a celebratory spirit.

Together, they symbolize a powerful message: “Alone we go faster, but together we go further,” underscoring the collective effort and unity sports bring​​.

Mission and Vision

The Phryges are on a mission to revolutionize the perception and role of sport in society. By embodying the values of fraternity, solidarity, and progress, they aim to inspire people to embrace sports, fostering a more inclusive and united community.

Their presence at the Paris 2024 Olympics symbolizes a call to action, urging society to recognize the transformative power of sport​​.

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2024 Olympics Mascot FAQ

What do the Paris 2024 mascots represent?

The mascots symbolize freedom and inclusivity, inspired by the Phrygian cap, a symbol deeply rooted in French history and republicanism.

How were the mascots unveiled?

The mascots were unveiled by Tony Estanguet and notable athletes, emphasizing the mascots’ symbolic meaning and the importance of inclusion​.

What makes the Olympic and Paralympic Phryges unique?

Besides their design based on a symbol of freedom, the Paralympic Phryge’s design includes a prosthetic limb, highlighting the theme of inclusivity and the celebration of diversity​.

What message do the mascots convey?

They embody the message that sport can revolutionize society, emphasizing teamwork and unity with the motto, “Alone we go faster, but together we go further”​.

The Paris 2024 mascots are not just symbols but ambassadors of a broader vision, where sport serves as a catalyst for change, promoting values of freedom, inclusivity, and collective achievement. As the world gears up for the Olympics, the Phryges stand as a reminder of the unifying power of sport and its potential to inspire a global community.

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